Everything That Happened at Apple's March iPhone SE Event

By Jack Tomlin on at

It's that time again, when Apple's head honcho steps up on stage to spread the gospel of Apple's latest gadgets, livestreaming the whole thing from Cupertino while across the pond we at Giz UK huddle around try to work out what you out there need to know. This March event is no different, with Tim Cook and Co sending word on what's coming soon.

For your ease of reading, here's everything that happened tonight:

The iPhone SE is Real: Everything You Need to Know

More impressive than we thought it would be.

At Last, Here's Apple's 9.7-Inch iPad Pro

Looks like those rumours were true.

Where and When You Can Buy the iPhone SE

Details are scarce at the moment, but here's where we know you'll be able to get apple's latest handset. Read More>>

How Does the 9.7-inch iPad Pro Match Up to the Competition?

Before you head over to the Apple store to buy yourself the new iPad Pro, make sure you know what it's like compared to some of the other tablets on the market. Read More >>

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S vs iPhone 5S: The Gizmodo UK Spec Comparison

iPhones, iPhones. iPhones everywhere. But which is for you? Read More >>

iOS 9.3: All The New Features For the iPhone and iPad

Almighty Apple has added some helpful improvements to keep your information safer than before. Read More>>

CareKit is Apple's New Ambitious Health Monitoring and Tracking Tool

It’s basically a way to help people keep track of their medical treatment, and to share information with doctors remotely. Read More>>

Apple Watch is Discounted and Still Not Worth The Cost

If you were hoping for a significant Apple Watch update, keep on hoping. Read More >>

What Do You Love or Hate About the iPhone SE?

Tears of joy and happiness in the comments section please. Read More >>

Apple Watch Gets a Price Cut

Entry prices have been slashed to $299. So probably about £250 here. Read More >>

The Apple Liam Recycling Robot is a Real-Life Wall-E

Like a real-world Wall-E, Apple's Liam robot breaks down returned or broken iPhones into their component parts. Read More >>

Apple is Powered by 100% Renewable Energy in the US and UK

Team Cupertino is really pushing on making itself as environmentally as possible. Read More >>

Tim Cook Delivers Pro-Privacy Speech Ahead of iPhone SE Launch

Back off, government spy people.