Ex-Ofcom Worker Offered Massive Data Dump to New Employer

By Gary Cutlack on at

A former worker for media and communications regulator Ofcom is in quite the large amount of modern trouble, after it was discovered he'd lifted as much as six years of confidential data about the workings of the TV industry from his ex-employer -- data he then shopped around to his new bosses. Also in the TV industry.

The new employer was rather gracious about the affair, reporting the data pile to Ofcom rather than taking advantage of the potentially "commercially sensitive" material it was offered on its rival Ofcom license holders, triggering a panic-statement from Ofcom that read: "On 26 February we became aware of an incident involving the misuse of third-party data by a former Ofcom employee. This was a breach of the former employee’s statutory duty under the Communications Act and a breach of the contract with Ofcom."

"Ofcom takes the protection of data extremely seriously, and we are very disappointed that a former employee has chosen to act in this manner," the statement continued, also saying that: "The extent of the disclosure was limited and has been contained, and we have taken urgent steps to inform all parties."

Possible penalties Ofcom may enforce include not letting the person in question be in charge of a remote control for three years, being forced to only use a 2G mobile data connection on his or her phone for 18 months, or having all TVs in their house set to ITV-only indefinitely. [Guardian via Ars]

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