Expect a Long, Long Line of HTC Nexus Phones

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Google has reportedly shaken up its Nexus strategy by signing a three-year deal with HTC. This means that the next 3-6 Nexus smartphones could all be manufactured by the struggling Taiwanese company, which built the Nexus 9 tablet (pictured above) back in 2014.

Last year, Google launched a pair of Nexus-branded handsets -- the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P -- and it’s likely to take the same approach this year. However, it looks like that tradition of switching between Android manufacturers on a yearly basis has been thrown out of the window.

If true, the news will come as a blow to Huawei, which produced the excellent 6P, and was using its Google partnership to improve its standing in western markets. It would be a great gig for HTC, however, which hasn’t had the smoothest of rides of late. The company’s currently gearing up for the launch of the One M10, and it’s got a lot of catching up to do if it wants it to go head-to-head with the outstanding Samsung Galaxy S7. [PhoneArena]