Facebook Patents "Social Glossary" So Old People Know all the New Sex Terms

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook is looking into ways of automatically explaining what the kids are talking about to their parents, with the social network's engineers thinking up a system that automatically translates the "abbreviations, acronyms, names & nicknames" used by users into meaningful words used by grown-ups.

The actual patent describes itself as being for "discovering new textual terms by mining information" which, we think, means it'll look up the hot new sexting acronym of the day and tell your dad what it means via the medium of a pop-up tip, or at least make it easy for him to click on the word and discover other people in his nearby area that are also talking about it.

The coders describe how it might work using the example of that Rick Astley video, explaining: "If a particular textual term 'rickrolled' was added to the social glossary as a verb related to an action that one user can perform upon another user, a 'rickrolling' edge type may be added to the social graph, so as to capture such actions or activity when occurring between users of the social graph."

In the end it'll no doubt be used to make sure there's a 0.002 per cent higher likelihood of you clicking on an advert for wine or bras, therefore helping fund the enormous write-offs the company will shortly be booking on its baffling VR manoeuvres. [USPTO via Wired]

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