Fallout 4 Automotron DLC Brings Robot Wars to the Wasteland in First Trailer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Just when you thought you could put that geiger counter back in the cupboard, there's a load of new stuff headed towards Fallout 4's wasteland. Automotron, the post-nuclear RPG's first downloadable content pack hits PC and consoles on March 22nd. And now developers Bethesda have offered up the first trailer for the add on:

As you'd expect with a name like that, the DLC focuses on the Boston Commonwealth's robots, letting you build and customise your own robot buddy using the comprehensive in-game crafting system. Probably best to design something a little more Terminator and a little less C-3PO, given the nasty types roaming around the wasteland.

The trailer points towards a new quest line too, seeming to show some sort of robot overlord wreaking havoc with an army of bots. A bunch of new items to play with will be thrown in too, including the mean-sounding lightning chain gun.

Automotron will set you back £7.99, and is also included as part of the £39.99 season pass. It'll be followed in April by the Wasteland Workshop DLC (focussing on further enhancing the game's crafting functions) and Far Harbour in May, which is an expansive story-driven add on.