Fancy Brick Thieves Are Stealing Church Walls and Bits of Cemeteries

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of London's oldest bricks are the newest target of the city's thieves, with the coveted yellow bricks as used by the Victorians and their forefathers to build everything that's nice and still standing triggering smash and grab raids across the city.

Scotland Yard has said it's investigating around 30 such crimes, where everything from the old garden walls of people lucky enough to have any more outside space than a step covered in vomit, to church walls and cemetery buildings are getting the sledgehammer treatment by brick thieves.

Arti Bhardwaj from north-east London saw thieves literally carting away part of a neighbour's wall, saying: "I saw two guys breaking the wall and they took the bricks and they ran away -- I think they’re cowboy builders. It’s going on in the whole of Seven Kings -- it’s disgusting -- this area used to be nice. We moved here because it was a middle class area but now we’ve got fly tipping, we’ve got drug dealing and now we’ve even got bricks being stolen."

Phillip Abbott, from Redbridge Building Control, tweeted the above photo too, seemingly showing a hole knocked into a wall so someone else could have a nice wall of their own on the cheap. [Ilford Recorder via London 24]

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