Ferrari Testing "Halo" F1 Safety Micro Windscreen

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen has been spotted out and about testing this season's new car, and there's one very striking new change -- the arrival of one possible version of the "halo" safety system designed to stop bits of car smashing into drivers' heads.

The halo won't come into use until 2017, but Ferrari's getting a headstart by seeing how having a big lump of black stuff right in the face of the driver impacts upon performance in current winter testing at Barcelona.

Former driver and commentator Martin Brundle's not impressed by Ferrari's implementation of the solution, saying on Twitter: "That looks even worse than I feared, in several respects," with most commenters equally aghast and no one particularly convinced that it would do anything for safety, seeing as you can never really tell from which angle a broken wheel might come flying in at.

A Ferrari employee has been showing its version of the halo off to media, with Sky's F1 live blog quoting the man as saying: "This is a provisional structure made by Ferrari to test visibility. We think the final structure would be part of the car and hopefully will look better. Kimi said it was 'okay' in terms of visibility." [Sky Sports]

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