Five Number Lottery Winners Bag Life-Unchanging £15

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine getting five numbers on the lottery. You might not start planning your Kensington super basement, but still, you'd think there might at least be a cheque big enough to buy a new phone off-contract, a few pairs of trainers, and maybe treat the girlfriend to a meal including both a starter and pudding.

But no! Winners who picked five numbers in this week's mid-week UK lottery can expect to receive a pretty much useless £15; barely enough to get in a celebratory spicy meat feast for one. The bizarre situation saw lottery players with five numbers receive less of a payout than people who'd picked just four, as the four-up winners each took home £52.

114,232 people picked three numbers and took home £25, adding further insult to those who saw five of their numbers come in and received the derisory £15. Lottery organiser Camelot made the rather harsh statement that " is a lottery at the end of the day."

The winning Lotto numbers were 14, 21, 42, 35, 07 and 41, so presumably there's a lot of very sad 41 and 42-year-olds with birthdays in mid-July out there today. [ITV]

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