Giant, Rotating Mirrors to Turn Covent Garden's Market Building Into a Drunk's Nightmare

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A bunch of creative types have decided to install a load of mirrors around Covent Garden, because passers-by are frightening to look at, and desperately need to sharpen themselves up. I kid, of course. Design agency Sculptivate says its installation will provide new perspectives and encourage visitors to enjoy a moment of reflection.

The eastern façade of the Market Building will be surrounded by 67 mirrors, which will also hide the working class people currently carrying out essential construction work at the site. It’s essentially a much prettier version of those hoardings and fences builders put up to stop people staring at their bare backsides.

The installation is called ‘Reflect London’, and will in place for around eight months. Its creators also say that the angles of the mirrors will be adjusted over time, "to create an ever-changing surface reflecting countless viewpoints and endless perspectives of Covent Garden" through the year.

"The mirrored panelling is angled which means we can change the positioning of the mirrors as and when needed depending on glare from the sun's reflection," Capco told us this morning.  "It also allows us to have the optimum number of viewpoints."

Hopefully no drunken marauders lose themselves in its dazzliness. It would be terrible, and not at all funny, if that happened.