Google Maps Now Includes a Tab For Uber

By Bryan Menegus on at

Google Maps will soon be able to give you time and fare estimates on a variety of ride-sharing apps so your drunk self can get home in the least amount of time for the best price.

The update will include support for whatever apps you have pre-installed, but will also add some country-specific options (e.g. Gett and Hailo in the UK, mytaxi in Germany and Spain, 99Taxis in Brazil) Best of all, the different fare options from providers will be listed side-by-side.

Given that some companies are included in the app from the get-go and others require some amount of footwork on the part of the user, having Google’s support will make muscling away any market share that harder for smaller or up-and-coming services of a similar nature.

The new and improved Maps will be rolled out on Android over the next few days and coming to iOS “very soon”. [Google Maps Blog]