Guess the 8-Bit Classic Van Gogh Artwork

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man has had an idea for a thing to do with his days and call art. He's taking old paintings from dead people that usually cost millions of pounds, and recreates them in a sort of modern pixel art fashion so they're cool enough for the kids to like.

It is the new idea of New York artist Adam Lister, who has taken six images from troubled/old/dead painter Vincent van Gogh and done them up like they're little more than pixel art title screens from a mobile phone game of today.

The result is something like this:


Lister even talked convincingly like an artist about his latest idea, saying: "Having grown up playing Atari and Nintendo video games, this broken-down, angular method of processing and displaying information became an interesting guideline for me to translate and selectively restructure some of the most famous paintings in the world."

Seeing as he's not dead yet, the works can be had much cheaper. Lister's take on Three Sunflowers in a Vase can be bought through his web site for just $75 (£54) for a limited edition print. [Creative Boom]

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