Hayu is a UK Streaming Service Dedicated to Reality TV Morons

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Every now and then, we see a news story that makes us hope that the end isn’t too far off. Once services like Hayu launch, it’s tough to argue that the human race doesn’t deserve to die out. NBCUniversal has shitted out a streaming service for morons who like watching a bunch of prettier, pseudo-famous morons pretend to live out their real lives on TV.

Hayu is available in the UK and Ireland for £4 or €5 per month, and offers on-demand access to all of the worst things on TV, through your browser, smart TV, or Android or iOS device. Expect to see even more of that posh tosser from Made in Chelsea, as well as those Newcastle- and Essex-based rabbles that pride themselves on not having a brain cell between them. Kim K will be there too, obviously.

Astonishingly, there are over 3,000 different episodes in NBCUniversal's reality TV catalogue, including more than 50 series that UK TVs have so far been protected from. No more. Any reality TV episodes that air in the US before the UK will land on Hayu immediately, which is great news for our thick, unhealthy society. [Engadget]