How to Set Android Volume Buttons to Snooze and Dismiss Alarms

By David Nield on at

In the midst of your early morning stupour, it can be difficult to drag your mind out of sleeping and accurately operate your phone (see our previous tips). If you’re reaching out for your Android phone in the dark and with bleary eyes, then you can use the physical hardware buttons instead.

It’s thanks to the ever-improving Clock app that comes as part of stock Android (also available as a separate download for phones running Android 4.4+). The alarm clock component comes with more features than its plain interface might suggest, and that’s before you get into the stopwatch and timer parts of the app.

Here’s the trick for hardware buttons. Open the menu via the three-dot button, then choose Settings. Tap Volume buttons and you can configure them to snooze your alarm (risky) or dismiss it completely (much better for your health). It should make reaching out to slam your beeping mobile phone that much easier in the mornings.