Here's How to Vote For Your Favourite Android N Name

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Nougat? Nutella? Nectar? Nerds? Neapolitan? Nut roll? Google is quietly asking Android users to vote for what they think Android N should be called. Here’s how to get your suggestion in:

Pretty simple, and you'll earn some Play store credit in the process. You might have to answer some weird questions about NATO and government officials first, but you’ll soon stumble across a short survey about food and a certain letter of the alphabet. Question one asks you to name a tasty food beginning with N, and question two asks you to pick an entry from a list.

Oddly, Nutella doesn’t feature, despite it being the people’s choice. Perhaps Google hasn’t been able to strike the right deal with the company. Perhaps Sundar Pichai once had a bad experience with a jar of the spreadable stuff. The speculation will surely grow.

Unexpectedly, a few savoury items appear to be in the running too, with nori, noodles and nachos all up there. What’s your flavour? Tell me, what’s your flavour? [AndroidPolice]