Immortalise Yourself as a Sexy, Creepy, Near-Naked Doll With Nudee

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Thank you Firebox, for bringing this into my life. The gift company has truly outdone itself with Nudee, which allows you to order a near-naked, 3D-printed model of yourself. The perfect gift for the grandparents, or boss, or... dog.

Simply send in a pair of snaps of your head -- one from the front, the other from the side -- choose whether you'd like to have feminine or masculine fleshy bits, pick a body type from slim, curvy and muscular, and sit back and let your imagination run wild. Each figurine costs £149.99 and takes 3-4 weeks to make, but that’s surely all worth it to get your hands on the most narcissistic piece of mantlepiece swag in existence.

“With Nudee’s we wanted to represent all body sizes,” said Emily Herriott, the head of personalised gifts at “Everyone. No one shape is better than any other. We’re all different and that is what makes us all great. Reclaim your body and don’t follow friends, fads, or fears.”

Firebox says you should ensure your images are well-lit before submitting them, as it will match the skin tone of your personalised figurine with what they gather from your pictures. Glasses-wearers should also remove their face-bling before taking headshots, as specs are a pain in the jacksie to 3D print.

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