Interactive Map Shows All the World's Wars (and it Doesn't Look Good For Us)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A map that wants to educate us all about the Geography of Violence has been assembled, showing that, for some strange reason, there's quite the hotspot of aggression around northern Europe among the 12,674 battles charted.

The map mashes up -- if that is still a fashionable term for putting things on a thing -- information pulled from Wikidata and DBpedia on wars and conflicts with a nice map of the world, to show where most of the blood has been shed.

If your family is from the Faroe Islands, it looks like you're absolved of all historical guilt for meaningless slaughter of people in different colour shirts, wearing the wrong-shaped hats, having funny eyebrows or voting wrong; but that's about the only place where bored men haven't assembled to force their opinions and ways on others via the medium of killing:


There's even been wars in places where it's only sea. The good news is that the bored men of the world now stay at home engaging in only virtual wars against female newsreaders, weather forecasters, video game reviewers and major brand social media account managers, so there shouldn't be any new additions to this shamefully not-brief history of violence. [Battles via NodegoatTelegraph]

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