iPhone SE Teardown: All of Apple's Old iPhones Stuck Together

By Chris Mills on at

The iPhone SE is not a new phone, so it should come as no surprise to see that it’s made with old components. Chipworks has torn one of the shiny old phones apart on the eve of its launch, and what’s inside is rather familiar.

The processor is the same A9 chip found in the iPhone 6s, and the 2GB of RAM, and NFC controller are also from Apple’s flagship phone. Since the screen is the same size as the 5s (and also lacking 3D Touch), it’s clear to see that it uses the same touchscreen controller as the 5s.

There are a few new things: the 16GB flash is Toshiba-made, and the power management system has had a complete overhaul. So, hopefully the battery life will prove better than the anaemic 5s.

Overall, it’s exactly the phone we were expecting. The iPhone SE is mostly a smaller iPhone 6s, apart from where a 5s piece from the inventory slots in. Innovation this is not; but hey, people asked for a small, fast iPhone, and that appears to be exactly what Apple’s delivered. [Chipworks]

Image credit: Chipworks