New iPhone Bug Sees Users Receive Ghost Emails From 1970

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

iPhone and iPad users say they’ve been receiving weird, blank emails from January 1st 1970, despite the fact that email didn’t actually exist back then. It was invented the following year by Ray Tomlinson, who sadly passed away on Saturday.

The messages have no subject, no sender and no content. It’s an unusual glitch, and fortunately doesn’t appear to be linked to that 1970 bug. As pretty much everyone now knows, changing the date on your iPhone to January 1st 1970 screws it up big time.

The mysterious messages appear to mainly affect people checking their email in different timezones, and early reports suggest it’s a relatively straightforward bug. In UNIX time, January 1 1970 represents 0, so it could be a case of the devices in question resetting certain systems when they can’t work out where on earth they are.

However, that doesn't explain the empty emails from January 1st 2001. It seems foolish to rule out supernatural involvement at this stage. Theories below please. [Telegraph]

Image: Shapeways