It's 2016. So Why Are There Still 'Smartphones for Women' Being Made?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Get ready to puke up a bit if you're a woman who knows the difference between Huawei's Android UI skin and iOS, as one company thinks women are so technologically backwards and shallow that they'd like a mobile phone shaped like a makeup mirror.

That's the main bullet point on the feature list of the Cyrcle phone, a concept mobile for women, shaped like a thing women should like, almost certainly because they had a meeting and decided women need something a bit simpler than today's complicated modern touchscreen devices.

The Cyrcle phone's makers inform us that "feminine clothing does not normally have pockets" and that the current process of using a rectangular smartphone is an "unattractive" quality in a woman. Hence a phone that looks like a makeup mirror. Blimey.

The company's founders are both women, Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa, not that that makes the above any less unsettling when said company focused on "designing the opposite of rectangle" because rectangles are too manly. And they bulge wrong in dresses. [Cyrcle via Alphr]

Image credit: Twitter

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