It's Comic Book Week on Gizmodo UK! (And an Announcement...)

By Gerald Lynch on at

BAM! BOOM! KAPOW! Welcome to Comic Book Week on Gizmodo UK!

For the next seven days, we'll be celebrating all that's good, great, weird and super in the world of comic books, giving True Believers a reason to pop their pants over their trousers and settle in for a week of features focussing on the ink, the art, the stories, the films, the TV shows, the successes, the failures, the indies and the giants of the comic book industry.

We've two reasons to celebrate comicdom this week.

Firstly, you've got the big silver screen release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice this Friday 25th March – keep an eye out for loads of stuff on the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, as well as our full review of the film later this week.

Secondly, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY...I'm super, super happy to announce that the fantastic io9 is now joining Gizmodo in the UK, too. You'll have noticed the US versions of both sites recently merged into one powerhouse of tech, science, sci-fi and geek culture, and now we're bringing all that incredible work here, too. Regular readers may have noticed a few extra film and science fiction posts popping up on Gizmodo UK recently as we've been testing the waters with io9, and that's now set to be a regular fixture on the site. So, as well as our particular brand of tech news, features, reviews and analysis, you'll also be getting posts on TV, movies, books, comic books, space, science and sci-fi from io9, one of the best websites in the universe. Seriously, if you're not already an io9 reader, you're in for a treat.

So, what can you look forward to this week? As well as prime cuts from the io9 archive, we've got a 16,000 word BIBLE on the Marvel Cinematic Universe from everyone's favourite Pritchard (Tom) a look at the myths and legends that have inspired some of our favourite comics, reading lists, beginner's guides to comics, a look at comics' politically-incorrect past and way, way more. I'm also really pleased to say we've partnered with the incredible Comic Heroes magazine too, who will be bringing you exclusive interviews with Fight Club creator Chuck Palahniuk (who has just finished an amazing run making Fight Club 2 a comic book sequel) and a history of everyone's favourite comic book Gaul, Asterix, among much, much more.

If you want to check out all this week's comic book stuff in one place,  make sure to bookmark our Comic Book Week tag landing page. We'll also be popping select cuts from across the week at the bottom of this post, too.

Ready then? Power up that gamma ray, head over to your Fortress of Solitude and settle in. It's gonna be super, man.


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