The Jammie Dodgers Recipe Has Been Changed

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

With consumers still struggling to deal with the shortage of bourbons and custard creams caused by the flooding of Carlisle's McVitie's factory ovens earlier this year, the last thing we all needed was more game-changing biscuit-themed news. Burton’s Biscuit Company has decided to alter the recipe for Jammie Dodgers, and the announcement hasn’t gone down well.

The company has started adding milk protein to the British classic, meaning that Jammie Dodgers are no longer vegan. It’s an unusual direction to move in, as veganism appears to be growing increasingly popular. Guinness recently adapted its recipe to become vegan-friendly, with the decision going down as a positive move.

Burton’s reportedly says that the addition of milk protein will give the biscuits “a more rounded flavour.” It’s also decided to reduce sugar content by 20%, and claims the revamped snacks will feature crispier biscuits and fruitier jam.

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Everyone knows that you need to start a petition whenever anything upsets you, and that’s exactly what Ali Ryland, who apparently loves vegan junk food, has done. She wants Burton’s to reverse its decision, and has been joined on by over 4,000 supporters so far. [BBC Newsbeat]