Japan Needs Ninjas to Pose for Tourists

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Japanese Aichi prefecture is hiring -- hiring NINJAS. Or at least, it would like a relatively healthy person to pretend to be a ninja, and happily pose with assorted fake combat paraphernalia for the benefit of tourists to the area.

White people with ginger beards from london probably wouldn't get the job, mind, so don't go thinking it's a way to escape your current situation and start anew overseas. The advert states that the region's tourism chiefs are looking for someone with decent physical skills, although it notes that the main function of the role is actually "PR work" -- so mostly handing out balloons to children and pretending to chop off the heads of American tourists while smiling and pretending it's the sort of thing you've always wanted to do.

Six full time ninjas will eventually be hired, earning around £1,200 a month in the process. "Our ninjas also have to be good at talking to promote tourism, although ninjas are basically required to be secretive," the prefecture's bosses explain, with a one-month training course on offer to teach successful applicants how to hold rubber throwing stars properly. [BBC]

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