Jeremy Clarkson "Had a Bit of an Accident" Filming Amazon's Cars Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular light entertainer Jeremy Clarkson has been sharing some tweets from his Amazon-funded holidays in Barbados, where as well as hanging around in his shorts and being mocked by the Daily Mail for his lack of muscle tone he's filming that car show of his for Amazon Prime.

And look, something entirely unexpected happened involving a car crashing and/or catching on fire. The shocking and unscripted moment of accidental destruction was shared by Clarkson on his Twitter account, where we can tell from the shape and construction of the bumper that it  was something quite old that got the Clarkson rage treatment; probably because there wasn't any sweets in the glove compartment:

At least people can't moan about it all being a waste of license fee payer's money any more. Apart from the mangled car thing, Jeremy seems to mostly be sitting around looking at his phone, jetting about in the sea and taking a few photographs of trees and beaches -- as well you might if you've been handed hundreds of millions of pounds to lark about making internet videos with your mates. [Twitter via SMH]

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