'July' is the Tentative New Night Tube All-Nighter Party Date

By Gary Cutlack on at

The launch date of the all-night weekend party trains on London's Underground network has just been moved forward a few weeks or so, with London's very own mildly overweight controller Boris Johnson saying commuters can expect the overnight services to start in July.

Or, more specifically, he actually said of the latest launch plans: "...that’s what I’m told by TfL -- towards the end of July," which would bring the arrival of the first overnight tube trains forward from the previously rumoured August launch.

That's only according to Boris, though. The other side of the coin, represented by the unions, isn't so sure. RMT general secretary Mick Cash is still holding out for better terms while suggesting it could still all go very wrong again, saying: "There is very clearly some distance to go in terms of getting all of the components in place. We may have settled the dispute for LU staff on pay and conditions but the idea that all of the outstanding issues have been resolved, not least the safety case and the Tube Lines engineers dispute, is simply not true." [PA]

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