Kanye, Champion of Paid Streaming Music, Got Caught Torrenting Software

By Chris Mills on at

Kanye has tried repeatedly and often to make artist-friendly streaming service Tidal happen. The premise is that Tidal is a “fair” way to stream music, an artist-friendly experience that gives back money to the creators. Which is great, but it appears Kanye can’t be bothered to pay for music software.

A tweet earlier in the day from Kanye showed a photo of his music listening habits (Sufjan Stevens, in case you’re wondering). Unfortunately (for him), that same picture showed a few of his open tabs, including a Pirate Bay search for Serum. That’s a software synthesiser plugin which currently sells for around £135.

Fellow artist Deadmau5 called West out Twitter for his actions, before suggesting a “small Kickstarter” to help buy the software and allow Kanye’s creative juices free reign. (It’s already been done, by the way.) [Twitter via CNET]