Kind-Eyed Tom Hiddleston Wants to be the Next James Bond

By Gary Cutlack on at

Housewives' hunk du jour Tom Hiddleston has come right out with and said that he'd be bang up for being a James Bond for a while, despite Daniel Craig's ongoing live art project to make it sound like the worst job in the entire world.

Speaking to The Times, Hiddleston said: "I’m a huge fan of the series. We all went to see Spectre when we were shooting Skull Island in Hawaii. I simply love the theme tune, the tropes and the mythology. I love the whole thing. If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity."

Hiddleston's currently auditioning for the part right now via the BBC, where he's being a freelance accidental spy in drama The Night Manager. And he's only 35, so could bash one out every couple of years for the next two decades. Although the kind-faced man would need to do something with his eyes to make himself look a bit meaner to fit in with today's boring dark Bond, unless the series producers want to go back to the Roger Moore years. [The Times via NME]

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