London Gentrification Debate Tickets Priced at £20 a Head

By Gary Cutlack on at

A 90-minute presentation on whether or not London is in its death throes as a major force in globalisation and the arts is scheduled for May, with the event looking at whether the property price boom within the city is... killing it off.

The quite ironic asking price for tickets? £20 a head. You could get four bowls of cereal in artisan bowls for that. The event is hosted by Idler contributor Iain Sinclair and editor Tom Hodgkinson, with the blurb saying they plan to pose the question: "...crazy house and rental prices mean that the artists and young people can no longer afford to live here. As a result, we’re seeing a talent drain to Berlin, Lisbon or to more affordable parts of the UK. What can be done?"

That said, the £20 ticket price would appear to be... negotiable. Even though talking about how much money their houses are worth now is the #1 hobby of anyone over 45 in the south east, the organiser's site says: "...we have a number of half-price concession tickets available for artists, students, writers, unwaged, pensioners and the impecunious. Just email us at with the subject line 'sinclair' and we’ll send you a 50% off discount code."

So that's just £10 to hear people over 45 saying they'd be stuffed were they to blag jobs in the capital today. Stuffed or commuting in from Lowestoft. [Metro]

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