Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock Means You'll Never Need to Remember a Combination Ever Again

By Gerald Lynch on at

True story – the only time I ever used a padlock on my school locker, I had to ask the caretaker to take the door off its hinges because I'd forgotten the combination. Thankfully there was nothing incriminating inside other than some smelly clothes, but the shame was real.

If only Master Lock's Bluetooth Smart Padlock had existed then – pairing up with your phone, it gives time-limited unlocking access with a quick swipe of its connected app. You'll never need to remember a combination code ever again.

It also means that, if your friends have the app downloaded too, you can share access to the padlock for your trustworthy pals. Master Lock sees this as a great way for keeping shared spaces secured – say, a bike shed at student digs – without the limitations of needing a physical key.

Available in indoor 4400 (£69) and waterproof outdoor 4401 (£89) variations, the padlocks are made of a military-grade metal used in US army tanks for physical protection, while the digital protection also gets the military's seal of approval thanks to its purported uncrackable encryption.

Each padlock also features a more traditional combination code too should your phone not be to hand, using an up-down-left-right directional controller on the front side of the lock. Running off a battery, it's this code you'll need to jumpstart the lock once the two-to-five year battery life (dependant on model) runs out.

On sale now, you can pick 'em up direct from Master Lock at the source. [Master Lock]