McDonald's and KFC Impose Teen Diner Restrictions After Stoke Punch-Ups

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

McDonald’s and KFC have banned teenagers from dining inside a number of Stoke-on-Trent outlets, unless they’re accompanied by an adult. Unsupervised under-18s are still allowed to buy food there, but will have to eat it elsewhere.

The measures were introduced after a huge scrap erupted outside a McDonald’s branch near Meir Park last month. More than 20 teenagers are reported to have been involved in the kerfuffle, which saw eight arrests and the confiscation of two air weapons. Similar naughtiness went down at the Sneyd Green McDonald’s nearby.

But why are these kids congregating and knocking lumps out of each other? Brushing over the fact that there isn’t a lot else to do in Stoke, Superintendent Wayne Jones says it's all the internet's fault. Sort of.

"Groups of youngsters are being drawn to the McDonald's restaurant to use the free Wi-Fi," he said, according to the Mirror. "They buy a single drink between them or a small amount of food to legitimise their visit. Some choose to hang around until they are asked to leave due to the nuisance they will sometimes cause or the unnecessary amount of table space they are occupying."

What's next? Banning under-18s from nightclubs? From watching porn? From getting bladdered? The world's gone mad. [Telegraph, Mirror]

Image: Viraj Paripatyadar via Flickr