McDonald's is Releasing a VR Headset That'll Smell Like Burgers and Fries

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

McDonald’s has decided to get in on the VR fun, and is bringing a few thousand special Happy Meal boxes to 14 outlets in Sweden on the weekends of March 5th and March 12th. Like Google Cardboard or Coca-Cola’s headsets, the McDonald’s ‘Happy Goggles’ will rely on a little DIY.

Through a little tearing and folding (full instructions in the video below), you’ll be able to create your own cheap headset that smells faintly of your last meal. Though I absolutely loved the HTC Vive when I tried it out last week, it didn’t release burger aromas into my nostrils. That’s 1-0 to McDonald’s.

It's also created a VR game to go along with the Happy Goggles, called Slope Stars. Players need to ski around, avoiding obstacles and cute animals, while collecting a bunch of massive stars. It's all very cute.

Unfortunately, the fast-food firm isn’t also introducing its own line of cardboard phones, so you’ll have to provide the proper tech yourself. It’s a fun idea, however, and will no doubt get the kids even more excited about unhealthy food than they already are.[AdWeek]