Netflix Could Pay You to Travel to Famous TV Sets and Take Pretty Pictures

By Gary Cutlack on at

Streaming giant Netflix is looking for a person it would like us to call a Grammaster -- someone with an eye for a good photograph that would like to help promote its film and TV output on social media.

The scheme has previously been opened up in the US -- now it's time for some publicity to be generated in Europe and the Middle East. The pay is pretty decent, with Netflix offering the winner $2,000 (£1,450) per week, plus, of course, all the travel they can sanely tolerate in order to visit sets and locations used by Netflix shows. The downside is that the "job" as it were only lasts for two weeks, but think of the followers you'll be able to rustle up thanks to a fortnight of VIP access to the stars.

There's a convoluted method involved to applying. You need to be on Instagram, following Netflix, and must ping the company with your best three shots of anything, tagging them with #grammasters3 so they can be found. Which isn't actually that much of a pain to win a lovely fortnight of hospitality. [Netflix via Sick Chirpse]

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