Netflix Wants to Share Rights to Chris Evans' Top Gear With the BBC

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Netflix is reportedly in talks with the BBC over streaming rights to the new, Chris Evans-fronted version of Top Gear. What such a deal would entail is currently unknown -- Netflix offering each episode of the new series after they’ve been pulled off iPlayer, perhaps? -- but it would be fascinating to see an online showdown between old-new and new-new Top Gear.

Netflix already offers on-demand access to a bunch of old-old Top Gear episodes, and it looks like it's hungry for some more diesel-scented action. It’s no secret that the company wanted Jeremy Clarkson and co when they suddenly became ‘un-busy’ last year, but the deal went Amazon’s way after it offered more money.

Filming for the as-yet-unnamed car show is well underway in sunnier climes, with Clarkson this week taking to Twitter to show everyone that the original Top Gear boys are still as reckless as ever. Meanwhile, in the UK, we're all working hard to paint Evans as a ginger Satan-type figure. [Guardian]