New Clarkson Footage Shows the Boys Driving a 'Monster' Mercedes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been spotted out and about in the town of Cobham, where they were driving a modified Mercedes in scenes resembling Last of the Summer Wine.

The three gentlemen were still glowing from their fun in the sun, with Clarkson in particular looking like someone's stuck a mop head on a red weather balloon then drawn a face on it with a grey marker pen. The littlest man, Hammond, was quite appropriately sitting in the back, probably eating a choc ice and watching Finding Nemo on a portable DVD player to keep him quiet.

Here's the gonzo street footage taken by a man who couldn't believe the history he was seeing unfold before him, footage that's not a million miles away from showing the team rolling down a hill in a bath tub:

The clip of our heroes having their usual type of rolling banter fun was filmed last week. By now they're probably doing something about the Reliant Robin in Hemel Hempstead. [YouTube via Independent]

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