New Rumours Throw iPhone 7 Waterproofing in the Bin

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

More rumours suggest that Apple’s going to prioritise slimness over waterproofing with the iPhone 7, which would represent a slap in the face for customers who’ve been holding out for improved durability for about four years. Macotakara claims the next iPhone will be 6.1mm thick -- a full 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6S -- and does anybody really care?

As previous reports have already pointed out, that would leave no room for a headphone jack. It’s understood that Apple plans to launch a wireless pair of Beats headphones with the iPhone 7, though consumers would probably have to pay for them separately. If the reports prove true, Apple will surely face a backlash from consumers. Sorry, what am I saying? People will buy the handset regardless.

If there's any good news, it's this. It’s looking increasingly likely that the rear camera bump will be flush with the device’s back panel, and that the iPhone 7 will feature stereo speakers.

To sum up, in the space of two years, the best Apple appears to have come up with is a slimmer frame and 3D Touch. Lovely. [Macotakara via 9to5Mac]