New Sky Sports Channel Brings Free Premier League Football to All

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In its latest attempt to get one over BT, Sky has announced Sky Sports Mix, a new channel that’ll be free for all of its TV customers across the UK and Ireland. It’s set to launch this summer, and will televise a variety of live sporting events, including both men’s and women’s football from home and abroad, as well as cricket and golf. But mainly football (hopefully).

There’ll also be documentaries and those rubbish, bantah-licious sports entertainment shows that nobody particularly cares about, and anybody with a basic Sky TV subscription will get to join in the fun.

“With Sky Sports Mix, we are giving millions more people access to great moments from some of the world’s biggest sporting events at no extra cost," said Barney Francis, Sky Sports managing director. “Our aim is to offer sport in a way that can engage, encourage and excite everyone even further."

There you have it. With that and Sky Q, there’ll soon be even fewer reasons to leave the house on weekends. Or ever. [Sky]