New Top Gear Gets Its First Trailer – Will You Be Watching?

By Gerald Lynch on at

The new Top Gear series heading to the BBC this May has already courted plenty of controversy. Whether it's pulling donuts around the Cenotaph or host Chris Evans' cushty working hours, it's dividing the opinion of those that (somehow) fell in love with former stars Clarkson and co.

So what's all the fuss about? Finally, we've got a first glimpse at the new Top Gear motoring show to give you a taste of what to expect when Chris Evans and his assorted pals hit the tarmac:

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A glimpse of The Stig here, Matt LeBlanc reminding you that he's American by sitting in an American hat in a car with an American flag paint job, plus, of course, some obligatory nice cars, including the McLaren 675 LT, Ferrari’s F12tdf and an 820bhp Aston Vulcan. All very good, looking very slick.

And then Chris Evans screams "Feel the heat baby." And all of a sudden even the hateable Clarkson doesn't seem so bad (or at least, not as annoying).

So, first trailer in and with Clarkson's Amazon show set to start its engine in the Autumn, which of the two rival car shows are you most looking forward to? Fire off in the comments below, and remember to show your workings.