Nintendo Tries to Trademark Mario Coin Jingle

By Gary Cutlack on at

The little sound that Mario or Mario's money or Mario's pocket or Mario's hand (it's never really explained) makes when he picks up a coin has been outed as the latest money-making idea from Nintendo, with the company finally getting around to trademarking the iconic sound so it can... ruin people's fun.

If it wasn't your childhood background sound effect because you had a Mega Drive and are more used to a stereo bling to represent emergent capitalist success and was 23 when the SNES came out anyway, here is that sound:

The classic two-tone ba-ding dates back to the very first game in the Super Mario Bros. series. There's a good reason it's taken so long for Nintendo to try to stamp its ownership on the concept of the harsh digital ba-ding, too; Japan's copyright laws previously had no room for trademarking sounds, until a recent amendment introduced such possibilities.

So you're going to need a new SMS alert noise. Or record one yourself. [WIPR]

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