No, Nintendo Hasn't Killed Off the Wii U Yet

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Nintendo has denied reports claiming that it's on the verge of halting Wii U production. Japanese business publication Nikkei this week said that the company had given up on the console, and was preparing to invest all of its efforts in the Nintendo NX instead.

However, in a statement delivered to Japanese site IT Daily, Nintendo has said, "That's not an official announcement. We plan to continue production through the rest of the year."

The four-year-old Wii U has been an almighty flop, though Nintendo clearly doesn't want it to be known as the shortest-lived Nintendo home console. Its predecessor, the Wii, was on the market for seven years, and we'd be shocked if the Wii U managed to stick around for that long.

Frustratingly, we still know very little about the upcoming Nintendo NX, but company president Tatsumi Kimishima recently hinted at a VR angle. With just just one per cent of games developers said to be currently building games for the console, the company desperately needs to drum up interest. [ArsTechnica, ITDaily]