Noise Pollution is the Latest Spanner Troubling London's Night Tube Plan

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of London Assembly members are asking the mayor and TfL to put the screeching metallic brakes on the overnight tube service, claiming that a recent rise in complaints of transport noise are ruining the lives of people who live in the vicinity of the city's tube lines.

Assembly member -- and Labour party member -- Murad Qureshi is one of the suits who's raised the issue, saying: "Both the mayor and TfL have lost sight of this issue in the rush to push through the 24-hour service," also adding that there should be a wider approach to transport noise with "...TfL needs to make a commitment on this front across the board so general principles can be applied to the problem instead of each occurrence of Tube noise being looked at individually."

Fellow assembly member Jennette Arnold spoke of repeat complaints from residents across the city too, saying of an apparent rise in noise issues: "These people have never before had issues with Tube noise and then all of a sudden they are being plagued by it. We need to probe further and find out exactly what is going on. This isn’t just noise pollution, this is damaging people’s quality of life." [Standard]

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