North Korea Accused of Fresh Hacking Campaign on the South

By Gary Cutlack on at

Officials from South Korea have accused their weird political student neighbours to the North of hacking the mobile phones of its officials, claiming that up to 40 South Korean national security workers have had their mobiles compromised and accessed by spies working for the North.

North Korea, though, has denied the claims, saying that the South has made them up as part of a smear campaign designed to edge the two countries closer to war. The official news source of the ruling party of the North, a paper called Rodong Sinmun, came out with a typically evocative denial, saying: "There is nothing to expect but the sound of eating corpses from a crow's mouth. However, we cannot just overlook the South's abrupt, provocative, and heinous accusations against its neighbor," which, we think, means it thinks we shouldn't listen to South Korea and it didn't hack its people's stuff.

Although South Korea says it did, and that people within North Korea also tried to hack the email addresses of workers in its rail system, in some sort of attempt to crash the transport network. [Reuters via Engadget]

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