Oculus Rift Virtual Tsunami Demo Preparing Japan for Disaster

By Gary Cutlack on at

A team at a Japanese university is assembling a "virtual tsunami experience" using the Oculus Rift VR system, suggesting that VR experiences of being right in the middle of stuff being destroyed may help the future disaster preparedness of the population.

The Aichi University of Technology is behind the scheme, with the demo experience based in part on the myriad footage that spewed out of Japan following the 2011 tsunami. Concept videos have already been whacked on YouTube, and if you ignore the PlayStation2-level graphics, it does indeed look quite similar to how you might imagine it to be when trapped in a flooded car seconds from death.

The maker says in his description: "Everyone who experienced my system actually feels the potential danger of the disaster. The experience is very useful for disaster prevention education. It’s an excellent way to help people become more aware of the perilous risks of a disaster."

So it's ideal for people who haven't yet got the message about running away from disasters. [YouTube via Ars]

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