PlayStation 4 Remote Play is Coming to PC and Mac

By Gerald Lynch on at

You know have one less reason to own a PS Vita. Sony's just announced that, as part of its upcoming PlayStation 4 3.50 system update, you'll soon be able to use the console's Remote Play function to play PS4 games on a PC or Mac computer.

Until now, the second-screen game streaming feature has been limited to Sony's own PS Vita handheld console and the company's Xperia line of smartphones and tablets. An unofficial third-party workaround was knocking around too, but this baked-in support should make playing Uncharted 4 on your laptop a whole lot easier.

It's the headlining new feature of the update (codenamed MUSASHI), which also adds options to show immediately when friends appear online, and allow yourself to appear offline *even when connected to the internet* for those times you want a little bit of private time away from your PSN pals.

In addition, the new "User Scheduled Event" feature will let you organise a playdate in the future for all your pals to register for in advance, while a "Play Together" option allows all members of a party to get a peak at what each other is playing, should they want to jump on in. Finally, the Dailymotion video streaming service is also adding the option to live stream directly from the app on the console.

A closed beta for the update for those who registered in advance will kick off tomorrow, before a full roll-out for all users at an unspecified point in the near future. [PlayStation Blog]