Pornhub Just Launched a Free VR Channel and it is Wild

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Have you ever wanted to try porn in virtual reality? Secretly, we all have, and Pornhub just made it insanely easy. The world’s biggest adult site partnered with established VR porn store BaDoink to offer free 360-degree content. It is obviously NFSW.

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If you’ve never tried VR porn, let me tell you: it is a weird, wild ride. I tested out the new site using both iOS and Android setups and a couple of different headsets. The video I saw was not exactly virtual reality as the footage wasn’t entirely 3D. Pornhub does say that the new channel will have lots of full 360-degree content, so you really feel like you’re in some mansion having sex with a stranger.

Feel might be the wrong word. It certainly looks like you’re there, though the resolution on the demo video that I saw was blurry at best. At worst, the perspective seemed a little skewed, such that at times, the female actress looked like a giant. Not my thing, but I’m sure somebody in this twisted world would love to get intimate with a 50-foot-tall woman. It’s also worth pointing out that the demo only offered the man’s perspective, so I hope the final library is less gender normative.

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The VR site just went live on Pornhub, so click through if you dare. It works in the browser, on Android and iOS (though you have to download a nondescript app and watch the videos in your mobile browser). There’s also an Oculus app that I haven’t quite gotten to work yet but will update this post when I work up the courage to ask my coworker with the right Oculus Rift if I can do some research on her computer. That might be never.

Then again, nobody knows what you’re watching when you’re wearing VR goggles. So this might be perfect for porn addicts who like to enjoy adult content in public with getting caught. Everybody’s got their thing!