Sacha Baron Cohen Roasts Jony Ive in Spot-On Apple Event Mockery

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Ali G man and the Borat man and the Bruno man has assembled an extraordinary video mocking the presentation technique and mannerisms of Apple and its design lead Jony Ive, with Sacha Baron Cohen taking to a stage to announce the launch of his latest comedy creation in trademark Apple Event style.

Baron Cohen's Ive-alike explains his personal character history on stage, taking us from Ali G to the present day, saying: "20 years ago we created our first product, the Ali G. Three years later we introduced our next character; retaining the sexism and stupidity of Ali, we added a moustache and anti-Semitism to create the Borat."

We're used to things that are supposed to be good actually being rubbish, but this is... really quite good.

Some of Baron Cohen's claims are even as spurious and unprovable as those routinely made by Ive, with the creator saying his new character Nobby -- from car crash comedy The Brothers Grimsby -- has 12 per cent more likeability that Borat. Not according to our casual scanning of social media on work time, it doesn't, although his boast that the new film has a plot "15 per cent thinner than any of our competitors" might be on the mark. [YouTube via Dezeen]

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