Samsung's 16TB SSD is Now an Actual Thing People Can Buy

By Chris Mills on at

Last year, Samsung made the rest of the world feel mighty inadequate by announcing a world-record 16TB SSD. Turns out that was more than just talk: Samsung is shipping the drives to (very wealthy) customers today.

Making the largest-capacity drive/SD card/memory stick is a continual dick-measuring contest that most storage manufacturers engage in, routinely announcing “world first” products that ship two years later, if at all. Samsung’s managed to follow through on its promise this time around, making the 15.36TB drive the flagship of its new enterprise PM1633a SSDs. The rest of the range come in more realistic sizes, from 8TB all the way down to a mere 480GB.

The price is still being kept quiet, but as it’s aimed at the most demanding enterprise customers, you can expect it to be a good few grand at least. Even if this won’t be the drive you find in your next MacBook, it’s a good look at what’s coming down the road in a few years’ time. [Samsung]