Skijoring is a Great Way to Get Run Over By a Dozen Motorcycles

By Bryan Menegus on at

Your skis are strapped on and you’re holding a rope. Then the motorcycle revs and you’re off at top speed down a snowy trail. Recipe for disaster?

That’s the gist of skijoring — which always involves a skier, and sometimes a horse, dog, or ATV in place of a motorcycle. In snowier places, like Scandinavia, Canada, and Russia, skijor has a long history, and there are competitive races. It was even a demonstration sport for one year in the Winter Olympics.

As the biker, you’re sliding around like a maniac; as the skier, you’re getting a face full of snow — at best. At worst, your rope gets tangled in someone or something, and you take an ugly spill. In short it looks dangerous and therefore fun.

If POV isn’t your thing, here’s another view of the same race.