Sky Will Give You a Free Telly With its Family Bundle

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky's latest attempt to wrestle some excitement back from the streaming services is quite the big money promotion, with the satellite broadcaster offering a free 32-inch LG TV to new customers taking out a Family Bundle.

The Sky offer says there's also the option of a Samsung Galaxy Tab E or £100 shopping gift card instead of the TV, so it's probably not one of the latest holographic VR 4D curved 2mm 360-degree total immersion heater sets. That said, if you're currently thinking about spending £36 a month to get TV through a thing attached to a wall that picks up signals from space, you might as well have them give you a free TV in return for doing so.

Even if it is only a mere 32-inches across, and you'd rather watch stuff in bed on your phone these days, because the living room and its scheduled content and its forced socialising with other family members is only for losers and the elderly.

There's also a one-off cost of £10 to have the deal put in place, because why not? And the TV promo runs until March 17.[Family Bundle via Cable]

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