Something Strange is Happening to Microsoft's Twitter Bot Tay

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Last week, Microsoft’s AI-based Twitter account Tay was born, swiftly became a ranting racist and then took a well-deserved rest. This morning, though, the bot briefly came back to life—before the account suddenly became protected.

Tay started contributing to the hum of Twitter again this morning. But it seems to have become stuck in some kind of loop, retweeting itself saying “You are too fast, take a rest...” over and over and over and over and...

Poor Tay.

Soon after, the Tay account became protected, so now only confirmed followers can see @TayandYou’s tweets. It’s currently unclear if that’s Microsoft or Twitter stepping in to take control of the account and its burst of AI-based spam.

Either way, it’s another strange turn in Tay’s brief but chequered history. What will become of the troubled Tay?