Sony Abandons the PSP Store This Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the many online portals and subdomains and shopping services operated by Sony is about to close, with the company preparing to transition PSP users away from their own little corner of the internet back to the wider PlayStation Store.

The company explains how this is not the complete death of the older portable, saying: "PSP system users will be able to purchase PSP content from the web-based PlayStation Store at, and also access past purchases from the Download list on their PSP system. Users will continue to have the ability to make in-game purchases from their PSP system."

The PlayStation Store for PSP has already disappeared from consoles in Europe, with this latest closure terminating the remaining US wing of the division, automatically removing the PSP Store icon from any still active PSPs with the latest OS update. Seeing as the original PSP is 12 years old now, it's not hard to guess why this is happening. [Sony via Engadget]

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