Spanish Castle Gets the 'Ecce Homo' Restoration of Shame

By Gary Cutlack on at

The phenomenon of ruining old things in a well-meaning manner has spread to a castle in the town of Cádiz, Spain, where the local castle appears to have been restored by someone with extreme brutalist architectural leanings.

The formerly tumbledown ruin of Matrera castle is now a mixture of antique stonework and early 1970s UK town multi storey car park, although the good news is that the new bit does at least match up with the shape and dimensions of the original building. The bad news is it's been done in a white block fashion, so the site now resembles a massive fridge.


It doesn't seem to have a best angle. Spain's La Sexta news service quotes a local with the inside line as to what went wrong, who explained: "They’ve got builders in rather than restorers and, like we say round here, they’ve cocked it up."

Spanish heritage organisation Hispania Nostra is almost equally as baffled, using terms like "lamentable" and "massacre" to describe the restoration. [Guardian]

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